Platinum Card

Full lightening service from roots to ends.

  • 3 hours

Service Description

Want icy white hair from your roots to ends? That's a Platinum Card, baby! When trying to achieve a full-blonde-bombshell moment great care goes into ensuring the integrity of your hair for this service. Multiple steps are required to achieve a full bleach out and your in depth hair history must be disclosed to your stylist to ensure the best outcome! Additionally products for home-care will be required to maintain the integrity of your hair. Going blonde isn't a color service, it's a full life style. You can expect to spend 3 to 6 hours with us for this service including your haircut. A consultation is mandatory and if you have previously colored hair, a strand test will also be required. Length of time for service will vary based on hair type, hair history and stylist.

Contact Details

  • 505 994 8310